Best Yoga Straps

The Best Yoga Straps for Newbies and Pros

Published on September 18, 2018

Straps are probably the most intimidating of the yoga props. Some beginners are unsure of how to use a strap, and others are fearful that using one will make them appear inflexible and inexperienced. Quite the contrary! Yoga straps are very versatile for yoga students of all skill levels. You can use a yoga strap to achieve proper alignment, get deeper into a pose, play and experiment, or even carry your yoga mat.

When I first started practicing yoga, straps were often handmade or improvised. Nowadays, there are plentiful commercial yoga straps available in many different types and styles.

How to Choose a Yoga Strap

As you shop for a yoga strap, you’ll notice that they come in various fabrics and widths and that there are various types of buckles and loops to choose from.

  • Loops vs. Buckles: A strap with a buckle will give you the most options, but a strap with loops is much less fussy to use. A strap with a sliding loop design can easily be used as a yoga mat carrier.
  • Length: Straps come in different length options. Choose a longer strap if you are tall or struggle with flexibility.
  • Material: Most straps are made with cotton which provides a good grip and allows for easy cleaning, but straps made from other natural materials are great as well.

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you choose a yoga strap that’s right for you! Get the details on our favorite eight yoga straps below.

8 Great Yoga Strap Options

Clever Yoga Yoga Strap

Yoga StrapThe Clever Yoga strap is made from 100% organic cotton and is designed to last forever, backed by a lifetime guarantee. This strap uses a classic D-ring design but is made with stronger and thicker premium materials than you might typically find. It comes in seven colors and two lengths.

Zen Yoga Strap

Yoga StrapThe Zen Yoga Strap is designed in a shorter length for deeper stretching. It has three loops for easy progression and a tapered handle for a more comfortable one- or two-finger grip. This strap is made from 100% cotton and comes in eight different colors. Use two straps for independent hand foot poses or loop them together for a strap extension.

Earth to Ethers Lotus Wrap

Yoga StrapThe Lotus Wrap is designed to be a combination of a yoga strap and a meditation belt. Made from a 100% natural blend of organic linen, this strap works best to support you during seated meditation. Wrap it around your knees and low back to support your spine and stabilize your back, allowing you to sink deeper into your meditation. This strap is available in three colors plus several limited edition prints.

India 8 ft. Yoga Strap

Yoga StrapHugger Mugger’s cotton India Yoga Strap is a minimal and light strap that is easy to transport to a yoga class. It has a D-ring design with a strong sliding clasp and is slightly narrower than traditional yoga straps. Even though this is a simple strap, it has a classy look and soft feel. This strap is available in one color: neutral cream.

Wrap It Up Yoga Strap

Yoga StrapThe Wrap It Up Yoga Strap is made from heavyweight upcycled cotton and comes in four fun patterns that will add a fun and funky vibe to your practice. It is designed with a large hand loop at either end, but double hand loops can be custom ordered. At four inches wide, this strap gives you plenty of material to hold on to. Best of all, these straps are locally, ethically, and sustainably produced.

Dharma Straps

Yoga StrapThe Dharma Straps are made with a unique combination of cotton webbing and durable elastic. The 2-layered cotton handles provide firm and steady support for your hands and feet while the rest of the strap slowly stretches as you pull on it, similar to a resistance band. This strap is available in three lengths and seven colors.

Akasha Yoga Strap

Yoga StrapThe Akasha Yoga Strap has a slide loop design and is made from pre-loved Guatemalan textiles, including beautiful, one-of-a-kind embroidery sourced from the markets of Chichicastenango. The loop ends are easily adjustable, allowing this strap to be used as a carrier for any size mat. This strap is available in three sizes and many different unique patterns.

Yogago Straps

Yoga StrapYogago Straps have a slide loop design and are made entirely from leather. The leather is double-sided, edge dyed, and saddle stitched for a soft feel and elegant look. The loop ends provide a satisfying amount of friction yet are adjustable so they can be used for carrying your yoga mat. This strap is available in four bold colors.

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    Hey timothy, I have never used straps for yoga earlier, but after reading your article I think it will be exciting to atleast try once. Here in Inidia, some centers introduced Beer yoga, which I think is a complete nonsense, what’s your call about that?

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    I neeԁed to thank you for this great rеad!! This is an awesome list of the best yoga strap options out there. I recommend these to anyone who wants to get into yoga but doesn’t know where to begin.

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