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Explore and discover the rich offerings on Yoga Basics! Need some inspiration for your yoga practice? Check out our Yoga Lessons section for themes to guide your practice. Discover foods and recipes that support a calm and peaceful yogic life in our Yoga Lifestyle section, and find out about the latest yoga DVDs, books and music for yoga in our Yoga Reviews section. Enter to win one of our fabulous monthly yoga giveaways and check out the media downloads that are available for YogaBasics.com Premium Members.

Yoga Lifestyle

In this section you can explore and understand the lifestyle of a yoga practitioner. Discover foods and recipes that support a calm and peaceful yogic life. Learn about the science of Ayurveda to strengthen and heal your body, mind and heart.

Yoga Lessons

Need inspiration for your yoga class or practice? Use the themes in our Yoga Lessons for focus, intention and guidance. Our Yoga Lessons are not lesson plans, but general outlines with spiritual quotes, focused intentions, lists of yoga practices and further off-the-mat homework exercises.

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