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20 Free Yoga Videos to Boost Gratitude

Published on November 24, 2020

Maintaining a daily attitude of gratitude is one of the key components to living a happy, healthy, and content life. While it can be challenging to live in a constant state of gratitude, you can flex and strengthen your gratitude muscle through the practice of yoga.

To help you in your journey, we’ve found 20 amazing free yoga videos specifically designed to help you cultivate a sense of gratitude. Whenever you feel like you could use a dose of thankfulness, practice along with one of these yoga videos to boost your gratitude and bring a little more positivity into your daily life.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Hips & Heart for Total Gratitude

This 60-minute Vinyasa class begins in supine bound angle with a few minutes of conscious deep breathing. Jess from Yoga Hero focuses this flowing sequence on the hips and heart to cultivate gratitude and peace. This sweet practice ends with Bridge Pose, Knee Down Twist, Happy Baby, and Shavasana.

Hatha Yoga For Gratitude 

While this video focuses on gratitude, it also carries a lot of sadness due to the unexpected loss of Lesley Fightmaster. Her positive, sweet, and joyful spirit is encapsulated in her last class to be shared with us. This 46-minute video starts with Lesley encouraging you to hold the feeling of gratitude towards something or someone that you are thankful for as you move through the yoga practice. This slow flowing practice does have a few challenging heart-opening asanas like Wild Thing, Wheel pose, and Fish.

Yoga for Gratitude

Shi begins this class with a short talk on the importance of cultivating gratitude and a guided meditation on thankfulness. The remainder of this 26-minute video focuses on “developing, deepening, and embracing gratitude” through a flowing sequence of heart-opening yoga poses.

Breathe in Gratitude Yoga

This beginner-friendly 17-minute class begins with a 7-minute guided meditation on gratitude. In the remainder of the practice, Dominique slowly and mindfully guides you through several basic asanas like Cat/Cow, Down Dog, Cobra, and Child’s pose.

Restorative Yoga for Gratitude 

Author and yoga teacher Caren Baginski believes “practicing gratitude can change your life.” She begins this 35-minute restorative yoga for gratitude class with a brief discussion on how to embody gratitude with journaling and yoga. This restorative class only contains three poses, supported by blankets, bolsters, and blocks, so they can be held for longer periods of time to promote deep relaxation.

Morning Yoga: Practice Gratitude for Your Day Ahead

Allie, aka The Journey Junkie, leads a sweet, gentle flow of floor poses in this awakening morning yoga video. The sequence starts in supine bound angle focusing on breath and gratitude, and ends with a short seated meditation. This 22-minute video is a great way to start your day with a heart full of gratitude!

Morning Gratitude Slow Flow

This 40-minute energizing morning yoga practice will help you set an intention of gratitude for the rest of your day. This slow flow practice by Kassandra includes a number of challenging poses like Plank, Warrior III, and several interesting Warrior variations. With this practice, Kassandra encourages you to move forward in your day with love and compassion in your heart and to remember all of the blessings of living a simple and peaceful life.

Yoga For Gratitude

This sweet, slow, and serene yoga practice will warm up your spine, activate your core, and open your hips. Adriene begins the 35-minute yoga video with a short and lovely meditation on gratitude. As always, Adriene sprinkles in funny comments, wisdom, and insights throughout the practice to keep things lighthearted while also encouraging depth and introspection.

Full Body Power Yoga Gratitude Workout

This powerful 56-minute vinyasa practice was filmed during a live class and incorporates several challenging Balancing Poses and lots of lunging poses. Yoga teacher Michelle gracefully weaves philosophy and life teachings throughout the class to emphasize mindfulness and help you boost your gratitude while you breathe, sweat, and flow.

Full Body Power Flow for Gratitude

This hour-long power sequence will help you plant seeds of gratitude no matter where you are in life or in your yoga practice. The class, taught by Mary O’Meara, starts in mountain pose with a short standing meditation, moves into a creative 15-minute standing flow, and concludes with a sequence of heart- and hip-opening poses.

Gratitude Morning Bed Yoga Routine

This short yoga video is designed to be practiced in bed so you can invoke gratitude from the moment you wake. A sequence of easy, seated yoga poses begins with a short gratitude meditation and ends with a sweet intention-setting practice to help you begin your day on the right foot.

Yoga for Gratitude

Jacquelyn leads this sweet and simple gratitude practice with palpable joy and enthusiasm. This 26-minute video includes a nice variety of poses to strengthen the core and legs as well as open the heart and hips. Jacquelyn encourages you to “move, breathe, connect, and take some time to remember what you are grateful for today.”

7 Days of Gratitude

Alo Yoga has created a lovely 7 Days of Gratitude challenge playlist, featuring a number of 28-38 minute yoga videos. Each sequence is led by one of three different yoga instructors and focuses on boosting gratitude through a different physical or energetic aspect.

For example, Day One is focused on foundational poses to encourage grounding through the hands and feet. Day Two is a detox flow that focuses on deep stretches and restorative twists. Day Three centers on strengthening the core muscles, and Day Four builds strength and flexibility through heart-opening backbends. The fifth and sixth days are an energizing flow and a balancing sequence, and the final video in the playlist is a restorative practice to create deep peace by holding deep stretches.

Remember that the quality of your current thoughts can have a significant impact on your future health and happiness. By shifting your thoughts towards gratitude and thankfulness during your yoga practice, you can create greater abundance and blessings in your future. We hope these yoga videos will help get you out of your head and experience joy and sweet feelings of gratitude in your heart.

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    What matter do you recommend. I would like a healthy mat, and reasonably priced. Thank you! Joy

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    Shivangi Gupta

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful yoga videos that help boost gratitude. It’s great to have a variety of practices to choose from depending on my mood and energy level. I’m very curious to try the Loving-Kindness meditation practice as I’ve heard it’s very effective in developing positive emotions and empathy towards others.

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