Location: Vancouver, BC

Why Baptiste Yoga?

Favourite Pose? Handstand & Frog Hops

Outside Yoga? I love to run and cycle and you can usually find me climbing the grouse grind. I enjoy spending as much time outdoors as I can. I have 3 dogs; 2 Italian greyhounds and a whippet. Dante, Bacchus & Winston. I enjoy travelling to new destinations.



Location: Red Deer, AB

Why Baptiste Yoga? It was through Baptiste Yoga that I discovered my personal power (and am still discovering it!) I took control of my life and understood that being a victim was keeping me playing small. I am now living my most empowered life and am on the continuous journey of expansion. Thank you Baptiste yoga!

Favourite Pose? Triangle - so much to explore, so much to learn

Outside Yoga? Mom of a busy 5yr old boy. Loves coffee, food and Vibin' high. Feels most fulfilled when working towards big dreams and goals.


Pam Rader

Location: Peachland, BC

Why Baptiste Yoga? The tools of Baptiste Yoga forever changed my life and continue to expand me into the best version of myself. It is my mission to share the tools of Baptiste Yoga with as many human beings as possible!

Favourite Pose? Depends on the moment, the day and my state of mind.

Outside Yoga? There really is no "outside of yoga" for me... My life is an expression of the teachings of yoga.  I am a life coach, speaker, leadership development facilitator and author. I am happily married and the mom of 4 amazing young men. I live on an acreage with my husband, my two dogs and my 3 goats.



Location: West Kelowna, BC

Why Baptiste Yoga? Baptiste Yoga generously offers a practice that easily transitions from the mat into real life!

Favourite Pose? Warrior 2

Outside Yoga? I am an enthusiastic life long learner! Student and teacher! Daily practices: Move my body, connect with family and meditation.

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Location: Kamloops, BC

Why Baptiste Yoga? From the first time I did Journey into Power at Shift Power Yoga West Kelowna, I was hooked.  I had never felt so light, strong, free, clear and revitalized after a yoga class before!  I went back the very next day, and the next... My hope is for everyone to step into their power, rediscover their strength and vitality, and get excited about what is possible!

Favourite Pose? Prayer Twist--you have to dig in, tap into your willingness and resilience, find your grit--I love it!

Outside Yoga? I love my boys most of all (Drew, Jackson and Ozzie), I love snowboarding and yoga and riding my bike,  I love living in the mountains.  I love being part of the Shift Team and the Shift community!

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Location: West Kelowna, BC

Why Baptiste Yoga? Baptiste yoga gave me the tools to create an empowering life for myself and rise up out of the downward spiral of guilt, blame, and addiction my life was heading towards.

Favourite Pose? Malasana aka Yogi Squat

Outside Yoga? I am very passionate about music. I also enjoy reading, playing board games and spending time in nature. I have 2 cats and have lived in Westbank, BC my whole life.



Location: Sylvan Lake, AB

Why Baptiste Yoga? My question would be why not ? Something I love is the COMMUNITY  it dosent matter where you go if you go to a Baptiste studio everyone belongs it is welcoming and all the same!

Favourite Pose? Depends on the day - Today I liked Savasana ..... just kidding that is good to of course but I do enjoy Frog.

Outside Yoga? I am a mom to a Beautiful little girl. I love tea if you ever wanna come over or invite me for tea I am so in. Something you may not know is I love to road bike. I truly enjoy to connect with other moms and have play dates. If I am not hanging with my kid and doing mom duties you might catch me napping, or being outside



Location: Red Deer, AB

Why Baptiste Yoga? Baptiste Yoga, changed my way of being, it creates the foundation for my mental and physical health

Favourite Pose? Camel

Outside Yoga? I am a wife and mom of teenage kids, aka the DD. I am a retired entrepreneur. I love baking, I have a sweet tooth and so I feel I am good at creating sweet treats.  I also have a German shepherd and a rottweiler, I love spending time outside with them, I walk 5 km every day.  I enjoy running, I have a girlfriend that loves hiking, so she gets me hiking and I enter us in random runs! I enjoy making malas.  Travel is an asset in my life